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Aigital Wifi Range Extender

The Aigital wifi extender is a new invention that gives you 300 mbps wifi range over 2, 4 ghz biz channel. It comes with biz port for connecting to a computer or phone, Aigital wifi extender is in like manner able to gigabit connect to your biz connection and provides up to 000 gbps of performance. This excellent range extender can be used for home, office, or home party applications.

Aigital Wifi Range Extender Walmart

Are you scouring for a wifi extender that can extend the range of your connection? If so, then you may be wondering about Aigital wifi range extender, this device is a repeater that is designed to extend the wifi range of your device by using the wifi network that you are using to another wifi network. and if that isn't enough, Aigital offers a wide range of different wifi range extender devices to choose from, so you can find a valuable one for you, whether you're digging for a simple, sleek design or for a wifi network that as strong as ever, Aigital gives you covered. The Aigital wifi range extender is a signal booster that can help extend the wifi range in your area, it is white and gives a built in signal strength monitor. The Aigital wifi range extender can also be used to repeater wifi ranges, it presents a built in signal strength meter which can help you to dummy up your wifi range. The Aigital wifi range extender 300 mbps wireless repeater is a fantastic way to extend the wifi range in your house or office, it can be attached to the wall or floor and works with 2 ghz wifi signals. It will boost your wifi signal by 300% and give you more than enough power to work with, it also includes an 2. 4 ghz signal for even more boost, if you have an old computer or iphone that is wlan enabled, and you need to share a house wifi network with others, then Aigital wifi repeater extender is a top-rated tool for you! The Aigital wifi range extender can range up to 2. 4 ghz and 5 ghz, so you can share a wifi network with friends and family without having to first startup their computer or iphone, plus, it can work with 2 per device, which is dandy for use with children.