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Directional Wifi Range Extender

The ac1200 dual band wi-fi range extender is an unequaled surrogate to extend the wi-fi range for your device, this device is ideal for use in areas with limited or no wi-fi. The range extender can be attached to your device for added range and security, additionally, it can be used as a security backup in areas where there is no regular wi-fi access.

Wifi Range Extender 300 Feet

Looking to extend the wifi range of your king falcon directionally router? King falcon Directional wifi antenna wifimax range extender is just the ticket! This wifi range extender is manufactured with a durable black material that can be lightweight and uncomplicated to carry around with you, the king falcon wifi range extender is compatible with your wifi router and can provide up to 300 feet of range. The outdoor wifi range extender 500 feet is first-rate for admirers who covet to enjoy a wireless network without having to worry about leaving your house, this wifi range extender offers a high gain system that can extend the reach of your wireless network up to 500 miles. Additionally, it presents an uncomplicated set up video and comes with an one-year warranty, this wifi range extender is best-in-the-class for lovers with a king falcon directionalitywi-fi antenna. It ranges up to 000 meters with just a single signal, this peerless for suitors with a small home or room and don't have the time to take the time to try and wick an entire house with one signal. 4 w40 outdoor wi-fi booster is a long range extender bi-directional network enabled by 2, it produces high performance in urban and other area with 40 of performance. It works with typical wall-plug sockets and comes with a case.